Immunity for your community.

No need for employees or community members to miss work or go to a different place. We’ll take everything to you!


Finding a doctor? Looking for a nurse? Getting all the correct information? No need to go through the stress of all of these! Pharma Quest Co. will take care of everything for you. We’ll go to your workplace or community!


Pharma Quest Co. assures your safety. Our vaccines are handled with remarkable cold-chain supervision. Your employees or community members will be handled by our professionally licensed medical team (doctors and nurses).

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Lay Lectures

As part of our mission to provide preventive health education to all Filipinos, one of the perks you can avail yourself when you avail of our on-site vaccination is lay lectures.

A licensed medical doctor will hold a short discussion about the wonders of vaccination and will be ready to answer all of your questions regarding it.

It’s one way for us vaccine advocates to combat false information on and off the internet.

These lectures can be held on-site on the day of your vaccination program or through online video conferences.

Let’s protect your workplace.

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