Spearheading Preventive Healthcare for Workplaces in the Philippines


Pharma Quest Co. is a partnership established in the year 2001 by a couple who are also business partners. It was officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 5, 2001, as a distributor of various medicines, vaccines, medical and dental supplies, and equipment. Pharma Quest Co. is a 100% Filipino-owned business.

We specialize in providing on-site healthcare products and services to government agencies and institutions and are proud to promote preventive healthcare products and services to all Filipinos nationwide through onsite immunization, lectures, screening, and wellness activities.

The company started its operations at its previous business address in Quezon City in 2012 due to the need to upgrade the office of the firm. The business transferred its office to ATC Centre at Katipunan Avenue in the year 2012 which made it more convenient for its employees to comply with the increasing business activities of the company.

Through the years, we have collaborated with a lot of government institutions as the key segment of Pharma Quest Co. in its preventive healthcare advocacy. Until 2021, the business address of the company is located at Marcos Highway, Antipolo City.

As of 2022, we are back in Quezon City, bigger and better than ever.

To advocate the idea of protection in the everyday life of every Filipino through immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Pharma Quest Co.’s Vision

To promote preventive health awareness for Filipinos through information campaigns and education about the importance of immunization and to make vaccines more accessible. Able to be given the opportunity of living a healthy and protected life.

Pharma Quest Co.’s Mission

Company Values
  • Excellence – Committed to providing high-quality vaccines and the best value for your money
  • Professionalism – We provide a high level of service with professionalism in partnership with licensed medical doctors and registered nurses
  • Commitment – Committed to improving and enhancing our services and adapting depending on our customers’ needs and situations
  • Reliability – We make sure that we deliver and accomplish what’s promised
  • Integrity – We guarantee that negotiations with our customers are done in the highest ethical manner
  • Flexibility – We are committed to providing a high level of service to our clients and to make sure that their preventive healthcare needs are met
  • Quality Assurance – Committed to ensuring all of our vaccines are handled in accordance with World Health Organization and Food and Drug Administration’s standards to maintain the quality of product from our storage to the delivery point

Corporate Social Responsibility

As Pharma Quest Co. grows, our responsibility to society also expands. We promote humanitarian assistance and charity by caring about others. Spearheaded by our General Manager, Mrs. Maria Carmen Salamat Manzano, our gift-giving and relief programs are able to provide hope for the community and give them a boost. Pharma Quest Co. specifically aims to provide assistance to the youth and elderly.